Client Testimonials

I wanted to thank you all for the hard work and professionalism.  Even though I wasn't there you made it easy for me to not worry about anything.  I know the 'selling' part wasn't that hard but that was because of the work that went into it before hand.  What I really appreciated was the follow through.
You should check out my short, sweet but glowing Yelp post.

S & Y

The team exceeded our highest expectations -- they made everything about selling the property easy. We were very amazed with the prompt, professional, and talented expertise of the whole team. We were always in touch with David or Mandy throughout the entire process, and although there was a team involved in selling our house, Mandy and David always knew what was going on. They made a very difficult process incredibly easy with their incredible knowledge of the local market and their extensive network. They are phenomenal.


I just completed this corporate survey and had the chance to reflect how absolutely exceptional you both are - and what a pleasure it has been to work with you - even in anxious, trying, and unnerving times. I only wish I had more money to buy and sell more homes with you -  not only because you are both so reliable, effective, and insightful - but you are both such a delight to work with and be around.
So please accept my sincere and enthusiastic gratitude for the outstanding job you did helping us scope out 39th St, prepare for and successfully complete the sale of Ordway, and put us in the house of anyone's dreams. You are both pretty special - and we thank you and love you!

J & D


Thank you again for all your hard work, patience and commitment to make the sale of our condo a success.  We couldn't have selected a better team to work with.  

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

J & K

After ~10 offers, we *finally* had an offer accepted.  It is a really weird place in Alameda, on the water with an industrial factory view.

When we worked with you guys, buying and selling a house was so easy! This time around.... wow.... so different. Every time we interact with the agent now we say "this is so different then Mandy+David" -- we will collect the stories and let you know at the end how it all turns out.  Like most things, we don't know how good things are until you see the alternatives.

Just writing to say "thank you" -- and we will keep you posted what happens.  If people ever ask for references, feel free to send them
our we have seen the parts that you don't notice happening while working with you.

R & C