The Mandy & David Team: Giving Back

For the Mandy and David Team, real estate is more than a business. It’s about building a community. One way that we invest in our community is by giving back to those in need. We support several local organizations that have a profound impact on our community.

 Studio Theatre

Fair Chance provides free consulting services for local nonprofits that serve children and youth in poverty. By partnering business executives with nonprofits, Fair Chance helps those organizations strengthen their performance and reach more kids. Mandy Mills serves on Fair Chance's Advisory Board.

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Studiol Theatre

Studio Theatre is dedicated to the best in contemporary theatre and has been the artistic anchor of the Logan Circle area for more than 30 years.

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A group of women in real estate created DC WISE (Women in Solidarity for Empowerment) to combine their philanthropic efforts and make a bigger impact. Each year, they choose a local nonprofit that serves women and children and raise money for that organization. Mandy serves as co-president of DC WISE.

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Bancroft Elementary & Noyes Elementary

Schools anchor neighborhoods, and the Mandy and David Team supports these local schools to ensure that everyone in the community has access to a great school.

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