The Burger Challenge

Mirabelle’s Belleburger
Photo: Christian Amolsch

Chris and I really enjoy the exquisite restaurant scene that has blossomed in D.C. But sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into a juicy burger. Amiright? Smart chefs understand that and have added some incredible burger creations to their menus. So what’s a girl to do? Naturally, I must find the very best one. So with our dear friends, Tess and Christian, we embarked on a burger challenge. We take this work very seriously, because…well…it gives us a reason to get out of the house and eat burgers.

So far, we’ve ventured to Le Diplomate, Duke’s Grocery, Blue Duck Tavern, the Salt Line, the Four Seasons and Mirabelle. We each order a different burger and share them. That way, we can sample many burgers in one night. (Efficiency! Variety!)

The Proper Burger at Duke’s Grocery
Photo: Chris Mills

To save you time and effort (because it’s grueling work, believe me), I’m happy to report our findings. Chris and Christian liked Duke’s the best. (Just look at that thing!) It comes with melted Gouda, chili sauce, garlic aioli and arugula, but you can add all sorts of yummy toppings – bacon, a runny egg, avocado. It’s a bit of a mess to eat, but, as Chris so eloquently put it, “Soooooooo good!”

Tess liked the steak burger at the Four Seasons – simple and delicious. It’s steak turned into a burger – how could it not be amazing? I’m really in it for the duck fat fries, though.

I enjoyed Le Dip (as I like to call Le Diplomate), because I love a super thin burger. Most people want their burgers fat and juicy. Not me – give me thin and crispy anytime. Add good old American cheese and a brioche bun, and that’s pretty close to perfection.

But we all agreed that the Belleburger at Mirabelle was potentially life changing. I mean, they put French onion soup on a BURGER! Melted Gruyere, carmelized onions, dripping in broth -- I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Our quest continues (and will hopefully never end), so share your favorite burger spots, and I’ll let you know where we rank them. Happy eating!

Mandy Mills, Co-Founder of The Mandy & David Team
Executive Vice President, Compass Real Estate

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