Jewelry for Your House

Remember when you’d never wear silver earrings with a gold necklace? Then all the chic girls started to mix their jewelry, and now it’s stylish and on point. Fortunately, fashion rules relaxed, and we can safely break all of those old rules.  So I got to thinking, why not do the same thing in our homes? Who says you can’t mix nickel and brass hardware? What is hardware but jewelry for our house, after all?


In this home, I love the way the brass and silver hardware harmonize. To ensure it looks purposeful and interesting, the owners extended the mixed metals to their accessories, like the brass mirror. (After all, we don’t want anyone to think we just forgot to update the hardware.)

Don’t be afraid to question the old rules, whether in your wardrobe or your house. Your home will feel chic and fresh as a result.

What rules do you like to break?

Mandy Mills, Co-Founder of The Mandy & David Team
Executive Vice President, Compass Real Estate

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