I Love My Shoe Game

As a realtor, I run around town all day long. I need to be comfortable, but professional and fashionable. Frankly, I love my shoe game. I’ve got a robust-yet-not-offensively-large shoe wardrobe that gets me everywhere from walking to the gym to work to dinner. Here’s what I literally have in my bag today.

I got these Pierre Hardy shoes on goop. (If you don’t read Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog, you really should.) I was inspired by these Roger Vivier’s, but who is going to spend $1300 on sneakers?! Once I saw these, I knew they fit the bill. And I really do wear them everywhere.

I saw these punk rock ballet slippers in Spain at the Miu Miu store, but resisted. Then my amazing mom sent them to me. Love her!

I found these gorgeous Marni’s shopping with teammates in South Carolina. They convinced me I must buy them, and they were so right. They are fabulous, aren’t they?

Share pics of your favorite shoes! And tell me where you got them, just in case I want to pick some up myself.

Mandy Mills, Co-Founder of The Mandy & David Team
Executive Vice President, Compass Real Estate

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