3 Kids in 3 Schools

This year brought a big change in our house. We now have three kids in three schools. Talk about a juggling act! Or really, it’s more like a ballet with carefully choreographed schedules.

Our youngest, Dashiell, is at Amazing Life Games, the most incredible, play-based preschool where all my kids have gone. Alice Jane is in third grade at Bancroft. We are super happy with our lovely neighborhood school. Henry is now in fifth grade and in his first year at Maret, a little private school that perfectly suits the needs of our gentle, quirky boy.

Last year, Henry applied to Maret but didn’t get in. When they called to tell us a spot had opened up, we were thrilled. It didn’t hit home until summer was winding down what that meant for our lives. I actually had that “Oh, shit!” moment.

Morning drop off takes two hours round trip! It’s not even just about schedules. There’s co-oping at the preschool, volunteering in classrooms, fundraising, PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences…(*deep breath*)

Fortunately, we know we’ve made the right choice for each of our kids. And we’re lucky enough to have help. Even still, we have to be super schedule masters. So if you see me in the morning and I seem a bit distracted, you’ll know why!

Mandy Mills, Co-Founder of The Mandy & David Team
Executive Vice President, Compass Real Estate

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