May 2018

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Mirabelle’s Belleburger
Photo: Christian Amolsch

Chris and I really enjoy the exquisite restaurant scene that has blossomed in D.C. But sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into a juicy burger. Amiright? Smart chefs understand that and have added some incredible burger creations to their menus. So what’s a girl to do? Naturally, I must find the very best one. So with our dear friends, Tess and Christian, we embarked on a burger challenge. We take this work very seriously, because…well…it gives us a reason to get out of the house and eat burgers.

So far, we’ve ventured to Le Diplomate, Duke’s Grocery, Blue Duck Tavern, the Salt Line, the Four Seasons and Mirabelle. We each order a different burger and share them. That way, we can sample

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Fashion is art, and it’s a form of art that I particularly enjoy. A new dress can really uplift my spirits — I think retail therapy is very much a real thing. There’s something about feeling good in your own skin that makes the world a little bit brighter. And these favorite designers and stores definitely perk up my world (and my wardrobe).

Meg Shops

One of my favorite designers is Meg Kinney, who is based in New York. Her great shapes and fabulous fabrics can go from casual to elegant with a simple change of accessories. I love that Meg is woman-owned, American-made and constructed with care for the environment. And the best part: her clothes all go in the washing machine!


Hands down, my favorite store in D.C. is GoodWood. Anna

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