April 2018

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Who doesn’t love to sneak a peek in someone’s house? That’s why I helped start the Mt. Pleasant House & Garden Tour as a fundraiser for our amazing neighborhood school, Bancroft Elementary.

This is the fifth year that we’ve held the tour and that I’ve served as co-chair, and it’s one of my favorite days. Not only is it a wonderful event, but it really brings the community together. Organized by Bancroft parents, the goal is to see some beautiful houses but also to learn something about the wonderful school that’s right in our backyard.

We show a variety of houses, including new renovations, historic charm, and the homes of long-term residents. There are seven houses on the tour, on Saturday, April 21, from 2-5 p.m., followed by a cocktail

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There’s a difference between a vacation and a family trip. A vacation is lying by the pool with a cocktail in hand and not worrying about anyone drowning, while a family trip is a small child yelling, “I need to pee!” over and over.

Don’t get me wrong – I adore our family trips more than anything, but I don’t come back from them rested, tanned and caught up on my reading. Why do my kids need so many more things when they are in the backseat of the car than when they are at home?!

My husband Chris and I have been going to Miami for years. I just love the vibe there – it’s so relaxed and beautiful. (And the amazing food, natch). I’ve always thought of Miami as such a grown-up getaway, but this time we took the kids with us. It was amazing!

Did you

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