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Coco Chanel famously said to take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house each day. I’m the opposite. I look in the mirror and think, “Can I add one more thing?” And the answer is always, “Yes. Let’s do it.”

I love piling on jewelry, all different styles and metals. Each piece means something to me, and I adore vintage. My husband gave me this gorgeous bracelet that used to be a shoe buckle! And my mantra bands keep me inspired. For maximalist jewelry inspiration, check out the amazing bangles at Bourbon and Boweties.

You can make any outfit fabulous by throwing on mounds of jewelry and a great pair of shoes. Some day I’ll be an old lady in a turban, with tons of rings on, driving around in a golf cart.  Can’t you see it?

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Welcome to my blog! As you all know, I love social media. And now I have a way to share my thoughts on everything from design to fashion to my favorite restaurant. Naturally I’ll talk about real estate, too, and mostly I’ll share the things I love about this city that we call home. Enjoy!



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I had to smile when I heard the Today Show declare gray the hot new color for walls. Years ago, I started advising my clients to paint their homes gray to prepare them for sale, and I often had to fight for it. My clients were convinced gray would look cold or stark, but they ultimately fell in love with the results. And that clean, neutral look helped sell their houses.

While I'll always love a good gray, I'm ready for something new. I think the fresh look for 2017 is crisp, white walls. They create a gallery feel for your artwork and a modern backdrop so your furniture can shine. To set off all that white, I like to add some color to the ceiling. It's bold. It's unexpected. And it's fun.

In this condo, we painted the bedroom ceiling a serene

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