Gina Chase - Realtor

Gina Chase is a native of Jupiter, Florida and currently resides in the iconic neighborhood of Dupont Circle. Gina’s clients most appreciate her positive attitude, proactive approach, and impressive follow-through.

Gina is a natural entrepreneur - her keen business sense and genuine work ethic originated with her contributions to family businesses growing up. While putting herself through college, Gina served as an ambassador of the Ritz-Carlton brand where she honed her exceptional service and attention to detail.

Prior to joining the world of real estate, Gina served as a project manager for non-profit organizations focused on supporting visual artists in their careers. In addition to helping talented artists achieve their dreams, Gina developed expertise in community outreach, operations, and recognizing unseen value.

Gina has truly immersed herself in all that Washington has to offer. She knows what time the farmer’s market opens, where to get the best pour-over coffee, and the names of all the cutest dogs at the S Street dog park!

Gina is an active member of her community, devoting her spare time to the service-based Junior League of Washington, DC and cultural organizations such as the The Philips Contemporaries Group. Her involvement gives her a true “insider’s perspective” on DC neighborhoods.

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