The Mandy & David Team

Top 100 Teams in the United States, 2012 - 2016: The Wall Street Journal
Top 250 Teams in the United States, 2011: The Wall Street Journal

Mandy Mills and David Getson already had a successful partnership when they decided to begin building a team, to better serve their clients. From the start, basic principles have guided the team and provided the foundation for our business practices. Here is what you can expect when working with a member of The Mandy & David Team.

1.  DRIVEN BY A CLASSIC SENSE OF SERVICE. The Mandy & David Team is a group of professionals who work for their clients with determination and enthusiasm. Every member of our team is a licensed Realtor and we are licensed to sell in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Working together, our knowledge of the market is unmatched, giving us the confidence to accurately evaluate properties for both buyers and sellers.  

2. BUILD LASTING RELATIONSHIPS. Every member of the team works tirelessly to find our clients the property or potential buyer that best meets their needs at the best price possible. Our efforts are based on the idea that a satisfied client will return to us the next time they need a Real Estate professional and will also refer us without hesitation. We believe a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect is more important than a single sale.

3.  EXPERTS AT POSITIONING YOUR PROPERTY IN THE MARKETPLACE. Home value is dependent on potential buyers and their impression of  worth, relative to the current inventory of homes for sale. Our team is skilled at preparing properties for the marketplace and will advise you on timing, staging and every detail necessary to ensure your home looks its best. Combining our targeted marketing platform with the international connections and advanced technology of Compass Real Estate, we maximize interest and exposure.

4.  NEGOTIATE. Often overlooked, we take this part of our job very seriously. The Mandy & David Team refuses to simply let deals evaporate when our clients need us to persevere.

5.  CONTINUE TO LEARN AND GROW. We believe in staying up to date with changes in real estate trends, policies and procedures. All staff attends classes quarterly, in addition to all required class work for real estate licensure.

Contact us with specific questions or to learn more and discover why we help more people buy and sell real estate in Washington, DC than anyone else.